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On salePowerSi OriginalPowerSi Original
PowerSi Original Sale priceFrom $70.00 Regular price$75.00
On saleFish Sh!t Organic Soil ConditionerFish Sh!t Organic Soil Conditioner
Fish Sh!t Organic Soil Conditioner Sale priceFrom $19.88 Regular price$26.50
Real Growers Recharge 16oz BagReal Growers Recharge 16oz Bag
FOOP Canna Starter PackFOOP Canna Starter Pack
FOOP Canna Starter Pack Sale price$99.00
Down To Earth High Phosphorus Seabird Guano - 5 lb
Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus Quart
Dirty Dozen Starter Kit, pack of 9-pts and 3-6oz
Roots Organics Dry Nutrient Player Pack
Hygeia's Hydration, 1 qt
Hygeia's Hydration, 1 qt Sale price$15.99
Real Growers Recharge 8oz BagReal Growers Recharge 8oz Bag
GH Flora Micro Gallon
GH Flora Micro Gallon Sale price$31.99
CYCO XL 100 mL
CYCO XL 100 mL Sale price$58.25
GH RapidStart 1 oz Display Box (24/Cs)
GH Flora Gro Gallon
GH Flora Gro Gallon Sale price$31.99
GH Flora Bloom Gallon
GH Flora Bloom Gallon Sale price$31.99
GH General Organics Go Box
GH Flora Series Performance Pack
RAW Yucca 2 oz (12/cs)
RAW Yucca 2 oz (12/cs) Sale price$28.85
Olympus Up, 1 qt
Olympus Up, 1 qt Sale price$14.99
Gringo Rasta Cal-Mag Liquid 1 qt
Nutrient Trio-Hydro Formula, 3 - 1 qt bottles
Nature's Nectar Terpene Plus 0-0-4  2.5 Gal
Real Growers Recharge 5lb BagReal Growers Recharge 5lb Bag
Botanicare Liquid Karma 8 oz (12/Cs)
Botanicare Liquid Karma Quart
Botanicare Liquid Karma Gallon (4/Cs)
Botanicare Liquid Karma 15 Gallon
Botanicare Liquid Karma 55 Gallon
Botanicare Liquid Karma 2.5 Gallon (2/Cs)
Botanicare Liquid Karma 250 Gallon
Botanicare Liquid Karma 5 Gallon
Down To Earth Cottonseed Meal - 5 lb (6/Cs)
Down To Earth Cottonseed Meal - 20 lb
Grotek VitaMaxPlus 4 Liter (4/Cs)
Grotek VitaMaxPlus 10 Liter (2/Cs)
Grotek VitaMaxPlus 23 Liter
Grotek VitaMaxPlus 23 Liter Sale price$369.38
Vermicrop VermiBat Bat Guano Fertilizer 1.5 lb (4/Cs)
Vermicrop Polyester Tea Bag (100/Cs)
Vermi T Bio-Cartridge 5 Gallon Retail Kit
BioAg VAM 1 kg
BioAg VAM 1 kg Sale price$49.95
BioAg VAM 5 lb
BioAg VAM 5 lb Sale price$99.95
Supernatural Super Boost 2.26 kg (4/Cs)
Supernatural Super Boost 10 kg
Supernatural Bud Blaster 100 gm (24/Cs)
Supernatural Bud Blaster 500 gm (20/Cs)
Supernatural Bud Blaster 1 kg (10/Cs)
Supernatural Bud Blaster 2.26 kg (4/Cs)
Supernatural Bud Blaster 10 kg
Supernatural Bud Blaster 10 kg Sale price$1,496.29