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Formulated from high-quality inputs with a large focus on bio-availability, Base A & B contain all of the necessary macro and micro-nutrients needed to ensure that your plants receive the proper nutrition throughout their entire life cycles.

Base B is formulated with a N-P-K of 0-4-4. The higher concentration of phosphorous plays a key role in in the growth of roots, flower sites, blooming, fruiting, energy transportation in the cell, the building of the cell wall itself, as well many other fundamental plant processes. The stronger concentration of potassium contributes to the overall health and vigor of your plants. Potassium is known to help strengthen plants’ ability to resist disease, assist in the movement of water and nutrients in the plant, and help your plant optimally perform other biological functions. Base B also contains Boron, Iron, Manganese, and Zinc to ensure your plants receive the proper micro-nutrients they require and desire.

The phosphorous and potassium in Base B are derived from two sources: Monopotassium Phosphate, and Dipotassium Phosphate, a more expensive, hard-to-source compound. The use of Dipotassium Phosphate as well as Monopotassium Phosphate allows for Base B to contain equivalent amounts of phosphorous and potassium. This equal amount of phosphorous to potassium allows for less stretching, and tighter internodal spacing.

Maximize your plants’ genetic potential for growth and production in any growing medium.

Drip Hydro Base B 0-4-4
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